How to Start a Photo Booth Business

Launching a photo booth rental business – or adding a photo booth to your existing one – can be convenient, fast and can be lucrative from day 1, if you do your research and lay a foundation for success. To help you get started with your photo booth rental business, we’ve provided a blueprint that has helped many entrepreneurs just like you achieve success.

Before you buy equipment or print up your business cards (more on that later), it’s vitally important to have answers to three key questions:

▪Who are my potential customers?
  • Start by understanding the demographics in your business area. Does it look like corporate and large events will be your niche, or is the area better suited for parties and weddings? By knowing who you will be selling to, you can tailor your business accordingly.
▪ How will I promote myself and convince people to work with me?
  • Do you have a solid marketing plan to get your name out there and encourage people to choose your service? Find out if people and businesses in your area respond better to direct mail, social media, video, or a combination of them all. Having multiple ways to reach your audience is essential.
▪ What are my competitors like, and how can I provide better service?
  • Knowing your competition is essential. Call them up and ask about their services. Do they ‘own’ a particular portion of the market? Talk to people to find out  what they want from a photo booth rental company. By offering (and delivering) more than your competition, you’ll ensure that more business flows your way.
▪ How much can/should I charge?
  • While every business will be different, you can certainly do your research into average costs of similar services in your area. Remember, the more value you can offer your customers, the more you’ll be able to charge. It’s all about finding the ‘sweet spot’ between affordability and value for your customers, and a reasonable profit for your time.

Compared to many other businesses, renting photo booths does not carry major startup costs. Though you can get up and running fast, you should still be aware
of what is necessary before you take the plunge:
▪ Photo Booth Equipment – $6,400 to $12,000
▪ Website (including gallery hosting) – $1,200 to $4,000
▪ Misc. Supplies and Equipment – $300 to $1,000
▪ Graphic Design (logo, biz cards, etc) – $200 to $500
▪ Props – $100 to $300
▪ Uniforms / Name Tags – $100 to $300
▪ Photo Paper – $80 to $120
▪ New Customer Lists (for marketing) – $150 to $400
▪ Business Registraton, Etc. – $100 to $1,000
▪ Print Media (biz cards, brochures, etc.) – $200 to $400
▪ Insurance (General Liability) – $100 to $250 / month

If you are well prepared and well-versed in your equipment’s function, most events can be broken down into the following stages:
▪ Preparing and testing the photo booth 1 day prior to the event
▪ Loading the booth into transportation vehicle
▪ Drive &me to event
▪ Unloading, setup, and testing of photo booth
▪ Event run &me (standard, 3-4 hours)
▪ Break down photo booth and load into vehicle
▪ Drive &me back
▪ Unloading, cleaning and putting away photo booth
In the end, you’re probably looking at 8 hours of work per 3-4 hour event.

You need more than just the proper equipment to run a successful photo booth rental business. Essential items like a website, email and social marketing campaigns, paid advertisements in select publications or online, and business cards must be considered. Of course, there’s really no end to the way you can market yourself, so be creative, deliver great service and never stop promoting yourself.

Armed with this knowledge and an enthusiasm for spreading the word about your service, it’s &me to commit to a photo booth business that can start earning you money almost as soon as you buy the equipment. To start your photo booth rental business today, contact us or view our sales page!