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Sleek and Modern Photo Booth Solutions

As professional photographers, we know what it takes to capture great, studio-quality images – so we built our Photo Pods do the same! After years of trial and error, our custom-made photo pods are both stylish and functional, ensuring the best experience possible with every shot!

The La Moda DSLR Pro Booth

Our custom Photo Pod is a product of our extensive experience in both the photography studio and the booth rental industry.

We partnered with a seasoned industrial designer & fabrication factory to achieve a powerful combination of sleek modern design and outstanding functionality.

Unique to the La Moda Photo Pod is an integrated circuit board that controls a color-changing LED ‘ring’ around the lens that change colors during the photo booth session.

This key feature looks awesome, but more importantly attract the guests eyes to look at the lens and not the screen.

Our booth has Green Screen, Gif booth , Slomo Video and Social Media capabilities .

We encourage you to read more about the great custom features of our Photo Pods and experience La Moda difference!

  • Powder Coated Aluminum Enclosure

  • Removable faceplate can be upgraded in the future for new tablet or camera configurations.

  • Fully wired enclosure

  • Canon T5 camera kit

  • 160 Ws Alien Bee Flash

  • La Moda intelligent color-changing LED ‘ring’

  • Halo Color Changing LED System

  • Windows Surface Pro 4 Tablet * w/ Powered USB Hub

  • Preprogramed turnkey Darkroom Booth Software**

  • Standing and sitting positions pod settings

  • Digital User Manual, Quick Marketing Guide, Quick Start Guide, Setup Guide and Troubleshooting Documents

  • Tech support for software from Darkroom Tech & FB Group Support

Full technical details!
Check our packages!

At La Moda Studio, we offer three convenient Photo Pod packages to ensure that you get all the features and benefits you need.

DSLR Pro Booth

  • Our custom La Moda Photo Pod is our core product offering. We partnered with an industrial designer to develop a sleek modern photo booth that delivers high-quality functionality and is a thing of beauty.
  • • All the great features outlined in our product section.

DUO Booth

  • Game changing iPad & DSLR Booth in one system

Selfie Sharing Booth

  • Our Selfie Sharing Booth is the highest quality ultra portable iPad Photo Booth on the market. Made out of powder coated aluminum, designed and manufactured in NJ. Fits iPad Pro 10.5 in or iPad Pro 9.7 in .
  • Included LED Ring Light, iPad Booth Shell, carry bag & C Stand.
  • These can also be hung on a wall with optional VESA mount.
  • Includes 1 free month of Curator App ($150 value) or you can run any app you like.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is Your Satisfaction

LaModa PhotoPod is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We care about our costumers and integrate the top elements in our pod in order to make it the best product on the market. LaModa PhotoPod is a sleek & modern portable photo booth solution.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Canon T5 Camera Kit

  • Powder Coated Aluminum Enclosure

  • Fully Wired Enclosure

  • Upgrade Possibilities

  • 160 Ws Alien Bee Flash

  • La Moda intelligent color-changing LED ‘ring’

  • Halo Color Changing LED System

  • Windows Surface Pro 4 Tablet * w/ Powered USB Hub

  • Standing and Sitting Position Pod Settings

  • Tech Support for Software from Darkroom Tech

  • Setup Guide and Troubleshooting Documents

  • Preprogramed turnkey Darkroom Booth Software

The Fun Has No Limits.

Check out some of the fabulous images captured by our custom Photo Pods!

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