Selfie System

At La Moda, we know what it’s like to be a small business. You need to maximize your profit minimize your costs. You can’t do that if you’re stuck buying multiple photo booths just to cover the configurations you need. That’s why we built the La Moda Selfie Sharing Booth to be completely modular. You choose what components you need. Additional components, such as legs and mounts, can be swapped as needed. The result? An affordable and Selfie Photo Booth for Sale that expands your profit potential.

Fits iPad 10.5 inch, 11 inch, (New 2018) 12.9 inch or 9.7 inch. Included LED Ring Light, iPad Booth Shell. ***iPAD & BATTERY NOT INCLUDED*** Includes 1 free month of Curator App ($150 value) or you can run any app you like.

  • You choose mount and stand.

  • The faceplate includes handy thumb screws that make it easy to access iPod. Optional security screws that require a special tool.

  • Ring Light is built with SMD LED technology, which generates a greater color (CRI 95+) than traditional LEDs. SMD LEDs use approximately 20% less energy than standard LEDs to achieve the same brightness. Equipped with 4 quarters ON/OFF switch. Adjustable from 3200K-5600K by yellow/white color separate dimmer control. Compatible with AC or DC(Sony F-mount) power.

  • Compact Footprint

  • Reliable Revenue Stream

    Selfie Sharing Booths are in high-demand at weddings, events, nightclubs, concerts, and even in retail. Lease out a La Moda Selfie Sharing Booth to bars, salons, and business for passiveincome. Or, make easy money on weekends by renting out your Selfie booth. With the
    convenient wall or leg-mount options, you can put a La Moda Selfie Sharing Booth nearly anywhere!

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